Bringing in the Berry: How We’re Using Our New Maqui Drops

Bringing in the Berry: How We're Using Our New Maqui Drops


If you’re anything like us, you’re using your Maqui Berry Beauty Drops at night AND in the morning. We. Cannot. Get. Enough. The “creamsicle” scent is taking the citrus notes of summer and carrying us into the toasted notes of Fall. Hashtag YUM.

So, while we love using 7-10 Drops of the Drops in place of our serum + moisturizer, we’re finding a few more ways to incorporate this Patagonian super-berry oil. If you received the Beauty Whip in this month’s Beauty Heroes box or purchased it when it launched last month, you’ll want to mix 7 drops with 3 pumps of your Beauty Whip and use it in the following ways:

* As an overnight sleep mask
* As a seriously moisturizing power-duo
* As a mask to wear while Beauty Steaming. Heat + this oil = Seriously glowing skin.

Don’t have the Beauty Whip? No problemo. Just mix the Drops with any moisturizing mask you currently have at home. We love using the Drops on their own when we steam too!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Here are some other ways we’re using our Maqui Berry Beauty Drops solo style:

* Mixed in with highlighter or an illuminator and to give the skin an all-over glow
* Mixed in with our full coverage foundation to thin it down and give us the look of a tinted moisturizer
* As a subtle fragrance on our neck, behind our ears and on our wrists (smell = a toasted poptart)
* All over our neck and chest atop our Neck+

We’re always looking for new ways to use our yummy products. How do you use our Maqui Berry Beauty Drops? Alone? After a mist or toner? Inspire us!

(And thank you for loving this oil as much as we do!)


Bringing in the Berry: How We're Using Our New Maqui Drops


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