Thursday, April 25, 2013

Skingredients: Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, so why not let your skin in on all the Spring fun!  Treat your skin to one of our Argan Infusion Oils and watch your skin transform in just one week!


We have three luxurious infusions for you to choose from! Which infusion are you?



lavender argan oil skincare

Lavender is known for its antiseptic qualities, which means it kills bacteria AND it also an anti-inflammatory.  These two properties allow lavender to both attack the bacteria causing the acne infections and also reduce the swelling and general skin inflammation.  Pick up a bottle of SkinOwl’s LAVENDERArgan Infusion Oil HERE!



geranium argan essential oil skincare

Geranium acts as an astringent which helps to contraction and tighten skin.  It is also a Cicatrisant, that is, it helps the scars and other spots on skin to fade and vanish.  It facilitates blood circulation just below the surface of skin and also helps make distribution of melanin uniform.  Pick up a bottle of SkinOwl’s GERANIUM Argan Infusion Oil HERE!



clary sage essential oil argan skincare

Clary Sage balances the production of sebum of the skin which is great for clearing greasy complexions.  It also promotes skin cell regeneration making it good for fighting wrinkles. Pick up a bottle of SkinOwl’s CLARY SAGE Argan Infusion Oil HERE!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Skingredients: The Best Nutrients For Your Skin

You can “feed your beauty” both by what you put INto your body and what you put ONto your body!  We love this chart because it provides some clear and easy ways that your skin can absorb essential nutrients both by eating them AND applying them.  Check it out…

best nutrients for your skin to eat to apply



SkinOwl Fun Fact:  Our SkinOwl EYE Cream has Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Hylauronic Acid, which means you can easily apply all three of these wonderful nutrients to your skin at once… which saves time… which decreases stress… and helps your skin to staying glowing and fresh! We will drink (grapefruit juice) to that!




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Friday, March 22, 2013

Skingredients: Martha Stewart Loves Argan Oil… Naturally!

Everyone is raving about Argan Oil these days, even the Queen Bee herself Ms. Martha Stewart! The latest issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine features Argan Oil as a “Need to Know” item…we couldn’t agree more as it is the main ingredient in our facial oils! This was our first product launch for some very big reasons. See below!


martha stewart living need to know products argan oil circled


The magazine notes that “Argan Oil is that rare ingredient that lives up to its hype. Harvested from Morocco’s argan tree, this little nut is packed with Vitamin E, phenols, and fatty acids. It also leaves whatever it touches soft as silk…”  It is truly liquid gold that mitigates everything from acne to the aging process!


Thanks to SkinOwl Fan Sarah Dashew for sending us this article!


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Skingredients: Glow Juice

At SkinOwl, we believe that beauty starts from within. The circulation rush we get from a good workout. The supplements we take. The meditation and reflection we give to our mind and spirit. And of course, the things we eat and drink! Check out The SkinOwl’s How-To Video on making your very own Glow Juice! Packed with the best nutrients and vitamins that make you look and feel your most radiant! We’ll drink to that :)

SkinOwl Glow Juice from Maja Kermath on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Skingredients: Lavender

One of the most widely known benefits of Lavender is respiratory relief! It is especially beneficial to the respiratory tract in particular coughs, colds, and influenza. It eases breathing when lungs and sinuses are choked with phlegm and defends the system against airborne viruses.

During this cold and flu season, it’s not a bad idea to coat your body in some Lavender Oil!  Luckily we have our Argan Infusion Lavender Oil to help you out.  After all, you can never be too careful!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Skingredients: Geranium

How much do we love Geranium? Let us count the ways! 




Geranium oil serves as a natural astringent, antiseptic AND stimulant. You can use this incredible homeopathic oil an assortment of skin conditions, such as acne, dermatitis, congestion, excess oil, eczema, chronic dryness, and stretch marks! 

What can’t it do? We’re not really sure! Which is why it was picked as one of the three essential oils we chose to infuse into our Argan Infusion products. We know people say it all the time, but you’ll see beautiful changes in your skin OVERNIGHT. Start lathering and enjoy the ride to glowing skin!  



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