Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Promos: A Closer Look At What You’ll Win (Giveaway Ends March 1, 2017)


We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite players in the “glow-game” to bring you a quartet of goodies that will put a little extra swish in your step. Let’s see what is coming your way….

SkinOwl’s Limited Edition Vegan Plush Pouch


This silver vegan pouch is the perfect carry-all for your next weekend away. Perfect for storing makeup and samples when you’re on the go.


SkinOwl’s Mangosteen Beauty Drops (Mini)


At 1/4 of the full sized bottle, this magical mini is worth $23 on its own. If you haven’t experienced the power of our Mangosteen oil, you’re in for a glowing surprise. Revive your skin from the outside in with this results-driven oil intended to de-stress lackluster skin in need of a boost. Recharge and reverse signs of fatigue with this nighttime elixir and watch skin visibly transform within hours. See more about our hero product here.


W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Brightener Stick


We are swiping left and right with this beauty booster. This magic illuminizing stick creates a hydrated, happy, youthful glow instantly. Brightens complexion and sculpts features for added dimension. The rich creamy organic formula has a satin, smooth, weightless texture – free from all harsh, artificial chemicals and petroleum. So there’s no heavy, greasy film and no creasing. We cannot get enough. We repeat, CANNOT get enough of this.


MARRIN COSTELLO Marquise Huggie Earrings


If there was a go-to everyday earring that everyone can wear, it is this one. It looks unbelievable on EVERYONE. Double up on one ear for a little extra sass or wear them individually. The perfect “2nd hole” accompaniment. Plus, Marrin is one of the coolest, most sweetest people we’ve ever met, so there’s that. It’s easy to support a gal like her! See more here.


Happy Shopping Beauty Birds! Check out today and you just might be one of our TEN winners.

Review the “rules” here.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Events: We’re “Popping-Up” with Anthropologie in Newport Beach!

15 406NewportBeachPop-UpMarket_VendorJPEG



Friday, December 6, 2013

Events: The SkinOwl Experience at Platino

skinowl platino event

Hoot Hoot! The “SkinOwl Experience” is back! Calling all event alumni and newbies to experience a day of skincare consultations and makeovers with the SkinOwl at Platino in Santa Monica! Whether you’re wanting to try out a new look, new shades, or get to the bottom of your skin concerns, we are here to help. And did we mention it’s all FREE! This is the experience you’ve been waiting for. You will leave looking and feeling you’re most beautiful.



When – Saturday, December 14th, from 11am to 6pm.

What – Cocktails, makeovers, & holiday shopping! Get glam with your friends before hitting the town!

Where – Platino, 909 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403

How – Call (310) 394-0044 to book your appointment!


We hope you’ll come spend this very memorable day with us :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

SkinOwl Founder Annie Tevelin Talks to The Chalkboard Mag About Essential Oils!

annie_chalkboard mag
The Chalkboard Mag turned to SkinOwl Founder, Annie Tevelin, to learn which essential oils could change people’s skin from the inside out. From Peppermint to Neroli, we’ve got the skin-ny on how to take your skin from good to great. Check out Annie’s top eight HERE!
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Events: The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

retailers commitment to cosmetic safety


At SkinOwl, we are completely committed to skin health, which includes everything you put inside your body AND everything you apply to the outside of your body, A.K.A. your skin!  Sometimes we take amazing care of our skin through nutrition and natural skincare products, and then we go out and buy cosmetics without actually thinking about what they are made of!  It’s an easy oversight because makeup is a “fun” item.  BUT since most of us girls apply cosmetics to our skin on a daily basis, which then gets absorbed into our bodies via our skin, it is actually a very important item to consider.  We found a great chart which highlights some of the largest retailers and their commitment to cosmetics safety and we wanted to pass it along so that you can keep it in mind the next time you pick up a cosmetic item!


Fore more information on The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and to find out how you can get involved click HERE!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Events: Om Surf Give with Kor180

om surf give


We love our exclusive Austin retailer, Kor180, for MANY reasons, but what initially drew us to this “do good/feel good” company was their dedication to philanthropy and self-care. Founder, Maja Kermath, is no stranger to championing inspiration, which motivated her to set off for Costa Rica with the rest of the Kor180 family on an inspiring company trip, aptly named Om | Surf | Give, combining yoga, surfing & service.


For the “Give” component of the trip, Kor180 has partnered with the Santa Teresa school to provide much needed support. Their mission is to inspire kids through art & physical education. The Santa Teresa school has never had the funds to include art and physical ed in their curriculum and Kor180 wants to help give them the chance to do so!


We wanted to help spread the word about this amazing trip so that Kor180 can raise funds that will greatly impact the lives of each student.  Support will provide:


School library
Art supplies
Athletic equipment


To find out more information about the trip click HERE!  Or you can donate directly by clicking HERE! Good work Kor180!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Events: SkinOwl at Kor180 in Austin!

Attention all of our Austin based beauties!  Come out to Kor180 tomorrow night to meet Annie Tevelin, aka The SkinOwl!


Here are all the details…


Hope to see you there!