What defines Selfcare as Told by Team SkinOwl

Being a company founded on the idea that skincare is selfcare, something we get asked all the time at SkinOwl is “what is selfcare?” Surprisingly enough, there is no real overarching answer to this question. We believe selfcare means something unique to each individual person. But after the events of yesterday in Las Vegas, we thought it important to help you realize the impact selfcare can have in your lives, as it has with ours. Selfcare doesn’t always have to mean taking the time out of your day to pamper yourself (although it absolutely can!). Selfcare can mean so much more than that. It can mean that in times of tragedy,¬†we find the time to tell the people we love that we love them. That we take the time to appreciate all that we are given. That we take the time to truly use selfcare as a tool to take care of ourselves, both inside and out. And how we can use selfcare to enrich and better the lives of everyone around us.


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