DIY SkinOwl: Up-Cycling Your Beauty Drops

DIY SkinOwl: Up-Cycling Your Beauty Drops

Sometimes there is nothing better than a DIY project to help clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing. These little projects are some of my favorite ways to spend my idle time because they help me reduce stress and take a mental break from work, school, etc. Up-cycling projects have to be some of the easiest out there because they involve objects most of us have laying around our home. SkinOwl up-cycles are even better because they help reduce packaging waste by repurposing our empty products in fun and innovative ways.

This up-cycling project is particularly easy because you only need two things: an empty Beauty Drops bottle and some small flowers or buds. Any of our Beauty Drops sizes (2 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 oz) will work for this project, so I played around with all three.

DIY SkinOwl: Up-Cycling Your Beauty Drops

Instructions: Up-Cycling Your Beauty Drops

First, remove the label with from the Beauty Drops Jar. It should peel off easily when lifted from a corner. Then with warm soapy water, remove the label residue from the bottle and leave to dry. Next, gather your assortment of small flowers, the larger the jar, the more flowers it can fit. Using your jar as a guide, cut the flower stems to size, fill the jars with water and arrange the flowers in the jar.

Quick tip: Use a small rubber band or clear hair elastic to bind the stems of the flowers together. This way your assortment stays exactly the way you want it.

That’s it! This DIY is so simple, but looks really sweet and lovely, especially when arranged with other decor. I like keeping mine next to my bathroom sink or on my vanity to help brighten up my mornings.

DIY SkinOwl: Up-Cycling Your Beauty Drops

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