Events: The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

retailers commitment to cosmetic safety


At SkinOwl, we are completely committed to skin health, which includes everything you put inside your body AND everything you apply to the outside of your body, A.K.A. your skin!  Sometimes we take amazing care of our skin through nutrition and natural skincare products, and then we go out and buy cosmetics without actually thinking about what they are made of!  It’s an easy oversight because makeup is a “fun” item.  BUT since most of us girls apply cosmetics to our skin on a daily basis, which then gets absorbed into our bodies via our skin, it is actually a very important item to consider.  We found a great chart which highlights some of the largest retailers and their commitment to cosmetics safety and we wanted to pass it along so that you can keep it in mind the next time you pick up a cosmetic item!


Fore more information on The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and to find out how you can get involved click HERE!


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