Fabulous Faces: Street Skin (New York City)

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New York might be experiencing a cold front, but that didn’t stop us from storming the streets in search of beautiful skin. Be it freckles, wisdom lines, or soft baby skin, we are always smitten by the beautiful complexions we see on a day to day basis. We decided to take these compliments to the next level, in the hopes of brightening someone’s day. Sometimes, all it takes is one little compliment to put back the pep in your step!


While walking on along 22nd St in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, we spotted Stephanie’s peaches and cream complexion. All bundled up, amidst the cold, Stephanie still managed to glow (and with no makeup on!) from several steps away. We stopped her and told her how fabulous her skin was and her eyes lit up! Sometimes, the easiest compliment is just to say what you see! She was on her way to the grocery store and was kind enough to stop and let us pass along a compliment!


Next stop, Los Angeles! Stay tuned for the next edition of Street Skin! It could be you :)


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