Feed Your Beauty: Juice Juice and More Juice!

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Juice. We’ve heard about it. We’ve read about it. We’ve whipped it up at home. And some of us have even been lucky enough to go to a store and have it made right smack in front of us. With so many vegetables and fruits to choose from, it’s no surprise why most juices have five or six ingredients. As delicious as juice blends taste, we decided to keep it simple with 9 juice recipes that have ONE fruit or vegetable + honey + ice.


Fun Fact: When mixing vegetables and fruits, for best absorption, remember CARROTS are the only vegetable to be mixed with fruit and APPLES are the only fruit to be mixed with vegetables. Your body will not need to work as hard to break down each family’s nutrients. Bonus: We’ll tell you how each ingredients works to bring out your spring glow!


So, get out your juicer and follow along. Each recipe will make one serving of juice.


Juice Anyone?


1) 1 cup Watermelon (plus rind, that’s the good stuff) + 3 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: Aside from watermelons extreme water content, watermelon rind contains a compound known as citrulline. The citrulline in watermelon rinds gives it antioxidant effects that protect you from free-radical damage. Additionally, citrulline converts to arginine, an amino acid vital to the heart, circulatory system and immune system. Better immunity, better skin. 


2) 1 Cup Spinach + 3 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: The vitamin A in spinach has antioxidant activity. It keeps your skin cells healthy and repairs wounds. One cup of spinach contains 943 micrograms of this nutrient, which is more than the recommended daily value for adults. Additionally, Vitamin C is another antioxidant in spinach that works to repair skin cells and keep your skin looking beautiful. You’ll want a good amount of food-sourced vitamin C to make collagen, a protein used to manufacture new skin cells.


3) 1 Cup Pineapple + 3 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: Red-skinned mamas, listen up! The Vitamin C in pineapple has long been considered to be the most effective vitamin for people with sensitive or inflamed skin, or for those with acne. Pineapple juice also contains vitamins A, which has the ability to reduce inflammation and also act as a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial. Sounds good to us!


4) 1 Cup Red Beets + 4 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: High in folate, beets stimulate the production and repair of cells, which helps protect against premature aging. Hip hip! While beet juice isn’t always the most delicious, pairing it with honey will give it the sweet taste you’re familiar with in other juices.


5) 1 Cup Rasberries OR Strawberries + 2 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: These gem-toned berries are used medicinally and topically for its antimicrobial and soothing qualities like reducing inflammation, calming irritation and toning the skin. These red fruits are very rich in antioxidant vitamins C and A, and the chemical element, manganese, all of which fight off free radicals and leave you brighter and less lackluster.


6) 1 Cup Blueberries + 3 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: Many of the vitamins in blueberries may neutralize or normalize oil levels in your skin, making it healthier and less likely to accumulate sebum. Vitamin A, in particular, is responsible for this benefit! Everyone say, “Thank you, Vitamin A!” 


7) 1 Cup Cantaloupe + 2 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: Cantaloupe contains Vitamins K and E which play an important role in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. The high water content hydrates your skin from within. Cantaloupe is also a good source of B vitamins, choline and betaine which keep your skin replenished and rejuvenated. You can even use it as a toner, for hydration and replenishment. 


8) 1 Cup Carrots + 2 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: We’ve given carrots a lot of credit for helping us to see, but now it’s time we give them props for allowing us to SEE healthy, happy skin. Between the Vitamin A, C, carotenoids, potassium and antioxidants, it’s no wonder why these orange heroes are responsible for visibly reducing signs of aging, scarring, redness and fatigue. DRINK. UP. 


9) 1 Cup Green Apple + 2 Ice Cubes + 1 Tsp Honey


Skin Benefits: An apple a day keeps the DERMATOLOGIST away. That’s the new one. These fruits contain a lot of fiber, which helps clean the system and increases metabolism. In a nutshell, the cleaner your intestine and systems are, the happier and healthier your skin. It’s alllllll connected. 


Which is your favorite? Let us know! 


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