Feed Your Beauty: Skin-Loving Salsa Trio


We recently went for brunch at a relatively new Vegan hot-spot here in Los Angeles, Gracias Madre, and after scoping out the table next to us, we decided we had to have their infamous Salsa Trio. We’ve had salsa trios before, but this one….this one….took the enchilada. Tart, tangy, fruity, spicy. The mango cooled the Habanero heat and the Pico de Gallo balanced it all out in the end. All octaves were hit and our taste buds left happy campers.


In honor of this delicious trio, we decided to share one of our own. Next time you find yourself hosting a party or in need of a juicy, mouthwatering and skinfully savory treat, pull out your favorite Bue Tortilla Chips and start dipping. Whether it’s jam-packed with mango, onion, tomato, cilantro, or green peppers, these ingredients are sure to aid in boosting your skin’s radiance and purifying any congestion your skin may be experiencing during this seasonal mood swing.


Before we share our secret salsa concoctions, we want to give you the chance to add your favorite ingredients. Think of it like a “Make Your Own Salsa” activity. In the comments below, list any and all ingredients you would throw in your dream salsa. Is it sweet like watermelon? Tart with lime juice? Spicy with jalapeno? You tell us! We’ll show you ours, if you show us yours.


Ready, go!



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