In Lieu of London | Best Places to Work on the Go

To us, work-related travel means equal parts downtime and inbox slaying because we know that working while traveling can be enjoyable. We’re not interested in clocking in this time in our hotel room when we could be out exploring exciting spots in a new city! Our workspace requirements are simple. We need outlets, internet, and good food and drink to keep us productive.

With a SkinOwl trip to London soon to be in full-swing, we couldn’t help but share with you some amazing workspaces to help you work hard so you can play hard during your next British voyage.

In Lue of London | Best Places to Work on the Go | SkinOwl; London Workspaces with Wifi

source: Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop originated in a small town in New Zealand, but through amazing coffee and inspiring people it has expanded globally. Plus, it’s got delicious food and drink and great vibes.

Google Campus

The Google Campus in London has a whole floor dedicated to a free workspace. With Wifi and surrounded by productive people, you’re sure to get something done. If not, the just check out one of the many events they host on a variety of topics and industries.

The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

This cafe is serious about the quality of their coffee.  Their atmosphere is all about chill vibes and is perfect for those looking for a little more than just a workspace and a good cup of joe.

In Lue of London | Best Places to Work on the Go | SkinOwl; London Workspaces with Wifi

source: Timberyard


This cafe is all about a positive and creative public workplace. Stay as long as you want while enjoying food and drink created by local independent producers.


Looking for vintage vibes, then Reddoor is your place. Enjoy this relaxed atmosphere while drinking coffee from old china cups, munching on their award winning cakes, and appreciating their art laden walls.

The CoffeeWorks Project

This independent family run business is all about creating a inviting and relaxed environment. Order yourself a cup of artisan coffee or some imported Italian charcuterie and get working.


In Lue of London | Best Places to Work on the Go | SkinOwl; London Workspaces with Wifi

source: Escape the Daily Grind

Escape the Daily Grind

This charming boutique cafe is inspired by the coffee shops of Sydney. Their chill atmosphere pairs perfectly with a delicious brunch menu and freshly baked cakes and pastries.

Husk Coffee

This cafe not only offers an array of delicious drinks, vittles (yes, I’m channeling my inner Brit), and cakes to choose from, but also displays rather impressive art exhibitions on its walls. If you’re looking for creative inspiration while you work, this may be the place for you.

Bean & Hop, Earlsfield

Just when you thought good coffee was enough…this cafe offers an incredible selection of craft beers, both local and international. Plus they’ve got a great menu for when you get peckish.


Built on the idea of creating a place that feels like home to travelers and passersby, this cafe is all about recycling with lighting saved from the landfills and their use of reclaimed wood which once took on the shape of scaffolding.


Next time you’re in London, be sure to check one of these workspaces out. Maybe you’ll run into us during our SkinOwl trip!





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