Ooh La Trend: White Nail Polish

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White nail polish is popping up everywhere! Summer is pretty much HERE and we are in love with this fresh, clean color (which, yes, can look great on everyone). We decided to put this neutral nail to the test and round up a few of our favorite non-toxic polishes. We wanted high-shine & a creamy cotton hue that didn’t chip after 2 days. We asked around and honed in on three fan favorites (from top to bottom): Deborah Lippman’s “Amazing Grace,” Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s “Feathered,” and Butter London’s “Cotton Buds.”




Deborah Lippman’s “Amazing Grace”

The website claims this is a “crisp, clean opaque white makes nails look like they’ve been kissed by a cloud.” We agree! We love the rich, creamy finish and HIGH HIGH shine. It stayed with us for 6 days before it chipped and was very easy to take off after a week.  Plus, it didn’t smell like your typical nail polish. It was easy on the senses, which we loved.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s “Feathered”

On first take, the nail polish was a bit thick and goopy. It didn’t settle into the nail immediately and took some “stirring” to get it around the nail without clumps. The color was a bright white, much brighter than Deborah Lippman, which we liked. It looked fresh and clean against our skin. Plus, we didn’t have ANY chips until Day 7. Success!


Butter London’s “Cotton Buds”

This snow-white hue was a TOUCH on the thick side. We had to wipe our brush a few times before applying. After the first coat, it became self-levelling and had a nice gloss at the finish. We love how easy it was to pull off for all skin tones, staying just this side of looking neon, but never chalky or white-out-ish. We chipped after 4 days on our pinky finger, but loved the color!


In the end, Deborah Lippman’s “Amazing Grace” left us feeling fabulous! Delicious color, no chips for 6 days, and tons of shine, which stayed with us the entire time. Want to try one for yourself? Click on any of the links above! Let us know your thoughts or if you’ve found another fabulous contender.


Happy Polishing!




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