Our Detox Self Love Box | SkinOwl and the Detox Market Collaboration

Our Detox Self Love Box | SkinOwl & the Detox Market

We’ve done it again! Our Detox Self Love Box in partnership with the Detox Market has just launched for February. We’ve been working hard on this little guy for a while now so we’re so thrilled to finally be able to share it with you all. Its most exciting feature is our newest, limited edition, product launch, Lovey Dovey Beauty Steam. This little guy came just in time for Valentine’s Day, which is perfect since its goal is to promote feelings of self-love. Get your hands on one of the SkinOwl Detox Self Love Boxes HERE before they’re gone!

Annie, our Founder, uses each of these products every day. She can’t live without them, and soon you won’t be able to either! Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside.

Our Detox Self Love Box | SkinOwl & the Detox Market

The MAQUI BERRY BEAUTY WHIP is a versatile, airy cream that stars the Maqui Berry—a tiny, purple berry that has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit in the world.

“I’m obsessed with this mask! This superhero, multitasker seriously does it all. Use it as an overnight treatment to deeply hydrate and restore radiance to your complexion. Apply a thick layer to use it like a traditional mask to rejuvenate dull, dehydrated skin. Wear it under your makeup as a makeup primer to nourish your skin all day long. Pop this bad boy in the fridge for a cooling and refreshing wake me up for tired skin. Perfect for hot Summer days or post workout. You can even apply it to your nails as a cuticle reviver. Say goodbye to dryness, cracking, and hang-nails, and hello to healthy, strong, and nourished nails. This maqui berry multitasker has quickly become a constant in my skincare regimen.” – Grayson, SkinOwl Blog Manager

GERANIUM BEAUTY DROPS – Argan Oil is infused with Rose Geranium Oil in this lightweight, balancing moisturizer. It balances, brightens, decongests, and promotes a youthful glow.

“If I had to live with only one SkinOwl product, it would most certainly be the Geranium Beauty Drops. This two-ingredient oil rid my skin of acne in roughly 40 days. It was the first product I introduced to a 1600 person group I managed on Facebook in 2013, aptly named SkinOwl. While the name has changed (anyone remember when it was called Geranium Argan Infusion??) the ingredients have not.”

“After beta-testing oodles of Argan oil and Geranium Oil strains, I knew I had created something simple, yet effective, and most importantly, something that could truly help people. I’ve never included this oil in a box before, so it warms my heart to share the product that saved my skin (and self worth) five years ago. If you have any of the following concerns, I suggest giving this goodie a go: dehydrated skin, uneven texture and tone, hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation caused by acne, hormones or sun, congestion, eczema, fatigued or tired looking skin.” – Founder, Annie Tevelin

LOVEY DOVEY BEAUTY STEAM – This aromatic floral steam works to promote feelings of self-love. It opens your pores and increases circulation for clear, radiant skin, and deep relaxation.

“I wanted a new steam that was more intentional. Something that made people think of love. Love for themselves, love for the world. Just a moment to think about the love that surrounds them. It’s not often we think about those things on a deeper level. When I do, my day and life gets brighter. And now, so can your skin!” – Annie

We hope you love this Detox Self Love Box as much as we do. Also, Lovey Dovey Beauty Steam is a limited edition product and is thus only available in this box. So don’t forget to get it before it’s gone here!



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