Promos: LoveLife Giveaway – Annie’s Experience/Discoveries

lovelife berries discoveries


“The discoveries I’m making about my body, while a part of the LoveLife Program, have been LIFE-CHANGING. Did you know that I lost weight every single day I ate dinner before 7 PM? The two days I ate dinner at 8:30 PM, I gained a half a pound. My body was not able to metabolize and break down all of the food in time for my morning weigh in. Eating earlier gave my body more time to process my dinner from the night before. Also, did you know that eating starchy fruits and vegetables (and brown rice) can make you sluggish throughout the afternoon into the evening? I switched my morning banana for colorful berries from the West Hollywood Farmer’s Market instead, so I could focus on eating lighter fruits in the afternoon. And guess what? Energy UP! Life changing I say!”


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway HERE by 5pm on January 28th for your chance to win an amazingĀ LoveLife Program & Cleanse Kit.


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