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Upon meeting for the first time, Annie Tevelin and Marrin Costello’s energy was perfectly mirrored,

infectious, and hypnotizing. It wasn’t long after they started talking did they know their meeting was meant

to be. Their mutual goals to help women feel beautiful and take care of themselves is reflected by Annie’s

dedication to creating healthy, beautifying skincare & Marrin’s exquisite, hand-crafted jewelry for women to

accessorize themselves.


Where SkinOwl skincare is the catalyst to self-care, Costello’s mantra “Don’t Forget To Accessorize” reminds

us that when we take care of ourselves, we feel present and in touch with our intentions. The collaboration

between SkinOwl’s Beauty Drops Facial Oil and Marrin Costello’s Druzy Necklaces reinforces the sentiment

that when you look good, you feel great. Marrin Costello’s Druzy Necklaces are an external reflection of the

beauty benefits of SkinOwl’s Beauty Drops.




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When it comes to choosing the best Beauty Drop for your skin, it’s all about targeting your personal skin

concerns. Lavender is calming and best for acneic, inflamed, sensitive skin. Geranium is balancing and

brightening, best for combination skin. Clary Sage is hydrating and promotes anti-aging, and a youthful,

rejuvenated glow. Similarly, each Druzy Pendant is an energy stone, igniting these intentions while worn.

The positive aura within each piece ignites a sense of awareness and optimist for those wearing it. The

Lavender Druzy Quartz Crystals promote serenity and healing, Geranium Amethyst Pendants (Annie’s

birthstone!) embody balance and focus, and Clary Sage Druzy Quartz Crystals exemplify inner peace and

love. Each crystal tone reflects the unique hues of the plants from which each oil derives. When worn

together, you’re glowing head to tow and ready to take on the day.


“Every time I wear MC’s Amethyst Druzy necklace, good things happen. It took me a few days to make the

connection, but once I did, it was very apparent. Because I felt great wearing it, I felt great throughout my

day. Before meetings, conference calls, and even pilates class, I would touch it and it reminded me to put my

best foot forward. It’s a moment where I stop and assess how I’m feeling and what I’m getting ready to do,”

Annie says.






As women, we wear so many hats. We are called to be so many different types of woman each day (friend,

relative, caregiver, caretaker, employee, employer, lover, therapist… the list goes on and on). Because of what

our products stand for both individually and combined, the products from the #MCxSO Capsule

Collaboration harmoniously coexist together throughout each facet of our lives.

“If I’m off to a meeting, Pilates, dinner, brunch, girl’s night out, or a date, I know that I look and feel my best

with SkinOwl’s Beauty Drops under my makeup and MC Druzies around my neck. This combination has

become as essential to my everyday routine as brushing my teeth and making my bed. The #MCxSO

Purple Lining Collection perfectly polish each of my ensembles, and empower me to take on each

day with tenacity, confidence, and poise,” Marrin says.





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