Skin Psychology: What Your Skincare Regimen Says About You

Skin Psychology: What Your Skincare Regimen Says About You | SkinOwl

Over time, I realized my skincare said so much about me and where I was mentally that day. I don’t think I thought about it at the time, but if I look back at the skincare I tracked over the course of a week, I noticed very obvious and specific similarities between my mood and my choices.

When We’re Craving Some Selfcare

In my experience, I grab for my Lavender Beauty Drops after a very long day. The aromatherapy alone calms my senses and relaxes me. It is most often the Beauty Drop I bring on vacation.

When We’re Striving For Balance

Geranium Beauty Drops is usually my day to day, go-to. It keeps me balanced day in and day out. It gives me everything I need to move throughout my busy day.

When We’re Looking to Refuel

Clary Sage sometimes feels like a big hug. It’s replenishing and rejuvenating, not only for my skin, but for my mind. I love using it when I’ve given a lot of myself and need to recharge or give back to myself.

When We Need to Take a Deep Breath and Unwind

The Maqui Berry Beauty Drops is the number one fruit anti-oxidant in the world—for both the body and mind. It’s delicious maqui, vanilla, and tangerine smell is warming and relaxing. It’s like taking a big deep breath before going to sleep. It allows the pores to breathe, and me to breathe alongside it.

 Skin Psychology: What Your Skincare Regimen Says About You | SkinOwl

When We’re Frustrated with Our Skin

After struggling with cystic acne for years, I know facing myself in the mirror was a daily struggle. I wanted to literally switch my face with someone else’s. I think that correlates a lot with our obsession to scrub our skin off when we are breaking out. The overuse of acids and harsh exfoliants and Clarisonics are psychological as much as they are dermatological.

I think we use them to unconsciously ‘remove our face’ or scrub off the parts we hate or can’t stand to look at. In times of acne, I don’t remember wanting to be calm and nurturing to my skin, sadly. I just wanted to get rid of it and opted for the more intense approach.

When We’re Looking for a Quick Fix

Leaving the many skin benefits of masks aside, they can also act as our topical ‘quick-fixes,’ such as a cup of coffee rescues our energy and chocolate soothes a broken heart.

Masks made of honey and avocado are creamy and cozy. I love doing them at night, as if my skincare is ‘tucking me in.’ They are my go-to during movies, mostly emotional ones.

On the other hand, I’m reaching for my French green clay mask when I want to remove the week’s stress and impurities, and I’ve definitely used a brightening mask (such as Beauty Whip) during both a rainstorm and dull, lackluster day.

Why We’re Reaching for Oils vs Gels vs Balms

Personally, oils make me feel beautiful inside and out. It’s the same feeling I get when cooking with olive oil. I feel like a woman creating something delicious in a kitchen. Balms are healing and gels feel therapeutic, as if I’m soothing my skin with cold aloe vera (Eye+ anyone?).

I’ve also loved oils for their zen, spa-like feel. They glide onto my skin, which always reminds me of a massage. Texture takes people on a journey. It’s a sensory connection that brings everyone back to different places and occasions in their life.

What Your Lipstick or Eyeliner Says About You

For me, makeup is to expression as skincare is to self-care. If I feel sexy and invigorated, I’m absolutely walking out the door with a bright eyeliner or bright lip. If I feel bold and strong, I’ll play around with a deep raisin lip or dark hue. That being said, some days call for no makeup. If I want to be super productive, I won’t wear anything. I might feel like I’m “racing” through my day, so I wear what I would wear to the gym or on a run.

As a business owner, I have definitely noticed that on days where I am speaking publicly, my lips are the feature I enhance. Similarly, I’ll play up my eyes if I am in the audience, so to see my surroundings more openly. It’s a crazy thing!

Our selection says so much about what we need in that moment and is also an incredible way to fulfill ourselves through self-care—not as a pressure to look beautiful, but as a form of self-love.

Skin Psychology: What Your Skincare Regimen Says About You | SkinOwl All The Things Bag

Try All The Things!

If you’re looking to get expressive and see what your skincare regimen is saying about you, definitely try out our newest SkinOwl travel kit, our “All The Things” bag. This bag includes a mini lavender, geranium, and clary sage beauty drops am, a mini maqui berry beauty drops pm, a mini beauty whip face mask, a mini eye+ treatment, and a mini neck+ firming and toning concentrate. All these products will help you satiate your skincare desires, even those you may not have even known you had.




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