Skin Solutions: Bump Up Your Beauty Drops for Fall and Winter

Skin Solutions: Bump Up Your Beauty Drops for Fall and Winter

I can’t believe September is already 2/3rds over! It seems like this year is flying by so quickly. In no time sunny Summer days will be forgotten as snuggly sweater weather sets in. For many of us, colder weather brings a hold new set of skincare challenges that force us to shake up our skincare routines. Our sweat proof, oil reducing products will be set aside as cooler, drier temperatures begin to suck the moisture out of our skin. Those of us in more temperate climates may only have to make small alterations to our routines. While those in chillier and snowier regions may have an entirely different winter regimen.

Thankfully, here at SkinOwl, we’ve come up with a few solutions to battle the typical problems we face in the cooler months. Firstly, it’s important to make sure your skin is getting enough moisture. Remember, just because you’re not sweating thanks to Summer heat, doesn’t mean you should forget about drinking enough water. Being hydrating on the inside truly effects the way your skin looks on the outside. Also, heating systems in homes are very good at sucking all the moisture out of your skin, so moisturizing is critical for maintaining a healthy glow. Our Beauty Drops have a base of argan oil which is incredibly nourishing and very hydrating, perfect for helping your skin retain moisture throughout the day. But sometimes your normal Beauty Drops just aren’t going to be enough.

Bump Up Your Beauty Drops!

Each of our Beauty Drops is formulated for a certain skin type. Lavender is for oily and sensitive skin, geranium is for combination and normal skin, and clary sage is for dry or mature skin. Some people never have to change out their drops. Perhaps you’re extremely oily like me and could always use lavender to help you control your oil production. But many people’s skin types change with weather conditions. So, if you have an oilier skin type and use our Lavender Beauty Drops during the Spring and Summer, but have more of a combination skin type in Fall and Winter, try out the Geranium drops. Our rule is this, if your skin is feeling a little unbalanced and dry, bump up your Beauty Drops!

Lavender bumps up to Geranium and Geranium bumps up to Clary Sage!

I know what you’re thinking. What happens to those using Clary Sage but still need more moisture? No worries, we haven’t forgotten about you! For really dry skin, mix a few drops of your Clary Sage Beauty Drops with a pump of our Maqui Berry Beauty Whip. This oil-based super hydrating mask will not only help with your dryness, it will also create a barrier on your skin to protect it from harsh temperatures. You can even mix our mask with your Maqui Berry Beauty Drops pm (or Mangosteen if you still haven’t got your hands on our new favorite) at night for an ultra nourishing and reparative skin treatment.

Don’t know which product will be right for you? Try our Skin Scanner to identify which of our products will help your skin look its best.

With these simple alterations to our skincare routines, we can all be set and ready for any Fall and Winter skincare challenges to come!

Skin Solutions: Bump Up Your Beauty Drops for Fall and Winter


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