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Ever since our new eye cream launched on Tuesday, all we’ve been hearing is, “What kinda magic is in this jar?!” Instead of throwing out a bunch of ingredient names, we decided to go one step further and let you know WHY they work. We know there are a lot of eye creams, serums, oils and treatments to choose from, which is why we spent the last year researching countless ingredient combinations. You want the best. You deserve the best. So, let’s get to it! Here’s a look at which seven power-ingredients are leaving you de-puffed, de-stressed, brightened, and tightened:


Hyaluronic Acid – Need we say anymore? Have you ever seen a dry sponge after you spray it with water? It puffs up, thickens, and plumps. This is exactly what Hyaluronic Acid does to the skin. Bye bye lines and creases!


Oligopeptides – Clusters of amino acids is what makes up oligo (meaning, several) peptide chains. Not only do they stimulate the deeper, matrix layers of the skin, but they also increase overall collagen production & help the skin to heal wounds faster. Yes please!


Cucumber – Follow along. Put a slice of cucumber on each of your eyes. Lie down. Now, give it a minute. What do you feel? Tingling? Does it almost feel like your eyeballs are being sucked out of their socket? YEP. The enzymes in cucumbers de-puff under eye bags within minutes. Keep it in the fridge and watch how the cucumber activates even more.


Aloe – Nature’s little healer! Not only does aloe calm and nurture, but it also aids in smoothing and silkening the skin. If you notice your under-eye area is softer, you can thank the Aloe for that!


Licorice – It’s all about the Galbridin! The galbridin compound in licorice is what helps to fade dark circles and brighten the skin from within. It works by inhibiting melanin (the cells that gives our skin pigment, yep, even dark circles and dark spots) and produces a whitening of the skin. It was also found to have sunscreen properties that help protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Go licorice!


Gingko Biloba – Ginkgo Biloba, how much do we love thee! This polyphenol-rich antioxidant has been found to improve the skin’s protection from UVB rays and improve the production of collagen, which helps to keep the skin firm and youthful. Did someone say YOUTH? Nothing wrong with that.


And finally…


Periwinkle – Don’t be fooled by the fact that this is listed last. Periwinkle is a STAR ingredient, known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Late night or long flight? Periwinkle will help awaken, de-puff, and de-stress. Anything that fights stress is a friend of ours.


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