Skingredients: Jojoba Oil in Body

body jojoba oil skinowl natural moisturizer

We told you about the benefits of Neem on the skin but our newest product, Body, also has a few other amazing ingredients like Jojoba Oil!  Jojoba absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave behind any oil residue creating a powerful barrier against moisture loss, as well as against allergens and dust pollution. It softens dry and pesky patches and restores the skin to a healthy condition.  In addition, Jojoba oil is known to help sooth eczema. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing redness caused by dryness and other skin condition like rosacea.


But Jojoba oil is not just for dry skin, in fact it works wonders on oily skin too! It is non comedogenic, so even though it has the word “oil” in its name, it does not clog pores. Jojoba oil stops the sebum from secreting more oil on its own and balances oil production!


So you can see why we just had to include this amazing ingredient in Body! Click HERE to find out more about this incredible product!


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