Skingredients: Martha Stewart Loves Argan Oil… Naturally!

Everyone is raving about Argan Oil these days, even the Queen Bee herself Ms. Martha Stewart! The latest issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine features Argan Oil as a “Need to Know” item…we couldn’t agree more as it is the main ingredient in our facial oils! This was our first product launch for some very big reasons. See below!


martha stewart living need to know products argan oil circled


The magazine notes that “Argan Oil is that rare ingredient that lives up to its hype. Harvested from Morocco’s argan tree, this little nut is packed with Vitamin E, phenols, and fatty acids. It also leaves whatever it touches soft as silk…”  It is truly liquid gold that mitigates everything from acne to the aging process!


Thanks to SkinOwl Fan Sarah Dashew for sending us this article!


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