Skingredients: Red and Black Currant

red and black currant radiance candle skinowl holiday gift

As you may have already noticed, aromatherapy plays a huge role in all of our products. Flowers, herbs and scents have the power to calm our minds or alert our senses. For this holiday season, we’ve created two candles that will do both! Red & Black Currants mix together in our Radiance candle to exude an earthy, citrusy, and fresh scent!  This candle is perfect for stimulating the senses with its tart and tangy undertones. It sets the tone for productivity, accomplishment and multi-tasking. We like to light this candle early in the day because its invigorating aroma gets us moving towards life’s many adventures. Just light and be immediately get the started with gusto and optimism….


Start the day with our Red & Black Currant Radiance candle HERE!


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