Skinny Tips: Baby Rose Body Scrub




We love everything about Roses! The smell, the touch, and especially, their nourishing, healing ability to calm and de-flame the skin from the inside out. Throw in sugar and our deliciously soothing and smoothing Body Oil and we might have found the best solution to slough off dry, dull, winter skin. Whether you’re making this for yourself or passing off this mason jar to someone special (house warming, baby shower, etc), you are sure to brighten the day 100-fold.


For this DIY sugar scrub recipe, you will need:


1.5 cups of plain white sugar

1/4 cup of baby oil

12 rose petals

a food processor

a pretty jar (we love clear mason jars)


Here’s how this magical little rose scrub comes together. It’s easy peasy! Just mix and voila!









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