Skinny Tips: DIY Orange Vinegar Home Cleaner

We all know how some products can effect our skin (and our overall health) in a not so positive way! Even things that are supposed to protect us from germs, like cleaning products, can have a negative effect on our bodies.  So naturally, we were super excited when we came across this fantastic DIY for Orange Vinegar Cleaner!  It combines good old-fashioned vinegar with sweet smelling orange peels for a home cleaner that actually works!  Check it out…


orange vinegar cleaner diy green cleaner



1 16-ounce canning jar

2 oranges, peels only (eat the insides!)

vinegar to cover



Curl the peels around the inside of the jar.  I used two large oranges and would not have been able to fit another peel.  If your oranges are small and you could fit another peel, feel free to add one more.  Pour vinegar into the jar to cover the peels and close tightly.  Store in the cupboard for two weeks, then transfer the vinegar to a spray bottle and use for all your cleaning purposes!


Note:  You may want to dilute the vinegar with 50% water for general cleaning.


Source: The Fountain Avenue Kitchen


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