Skinny Tips: DIY Watercolor Nail Art

We love the nail art trend, but it can get a little pricey to constantly visit the nail salon! As a result, we found this easy Watercolor Nail Art tutorial that you can do at home. It looks professional without the time and money it takes to go to the salon! We love colorful & affordable tricks that keep us fabulous from our heads down to our watercolored toes!


diy watercolor nails


You’ll need:


3 nail polishes




Piece of paper



How to get the look:


Paint your nails with the base colour, and make sure the nails are dry before the next step.


To prepare the sponge, use an ordinary makeup sponge and cut one sponge into six small pieces because you’ll only need a small piece.


Place a small amount of polish on a piece of paper, and pick up some polish with the sponge.


Dab a few times on the paper to get excess polish off the sponge.


Tap the sponge on your nail a few times.


Repeat step 3 to 5 using other polish.


Apply top coat to smooth the lines.



DIY Source: Small Good Things


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