Skinny Tips: Dry Brushing Detox

dry brush lymph nodes


Did you know that your skin is your largest “elimination” organ and  it releases about a POUND of waste every day?!  If you are not feeling well it will often show on your skin, and if your skin can’t release those toxins it can often result in an uprising of inflamed acne, maybe even rashes, itchiness, body odor, etc.  Which is why we recommend Dry Skin Brushing.  It’s a simple process that you can do at home!  Simply choose a natural, semi-firm bristled brush and exfoliate the skin before your shower.


This process is great for circulation, immunity and stimulating your nervous system. Plus it will leave your skin looking radiant, vibrant and fresh!


When you spend time dry brushing, you are also stimulating the blood and lymph flow, and your lymphatic system is a key player in cleansing the immune system!  So follow the chart above and start Dry Brushing your way to a stronger immune system and glowing skin!


Source: Pimple People



  1. Jeanie Greer
    Saturday, May 10, 2014 / 5:16 pm

    I would like to purchase a body brush and need to know what you think to be the best one. I have Widu but they don’t make them anymore. Is there another equal in quality to theirs?

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