Skinny Tips: Long Hair Messy Updo Tutorial

Here in California, we just love the look of a messy updo, especially for a wedding or other formal event! It’s natural, easy and breezy. Which is why we couldn’t resist sharing this updo tutorial for long hair. Scroll all the way down for images and instructions…

messy updo


messy updo tutorial


Take a 1 inch thick piece of hair in your hands and twist it.
Hold one tiny strand at the tip of the twist and push the remaining hair up into a ringlet on your head.
Wrap the remaining strand around the ringlet and use a bobby pin to pin the ringlet to your head.
To recreate the top image, grab a friend who can help you create and pin ringlets all the way around.


Source: Jordan Byers


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  1. Sunday, November 16, 2014 / 5:31 am

    Love Love Love! The look of this messey updo! And it’s super easy to create —fast too—which is always nice. But essentially I’m creating a series of knots in my hair when pushing it up. That’s what’s making the mess! ANd it is a mess. Mama mia!

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