Skinny Tips: The Secret to Lash Curling

Mascara is great at lengthening and adding volume, but who doesn’t want perfectly curled lashes as well? We certainly do! That’s why we had to share this excellent tutorial with you!  It’s so simple, and as you can see from the before and after images below, it will really make your eyes pop!

secret to lash curling




Insert your lashes into the opened curler and line it up right at your lashline, but not too close that you pinch the skin.


Pinch at the lashline; mostly to grab hold, not to make a crimp.


With that holding, rotate your wrist so that your thumb stays mostly in the same place and acts as the pivot point while your pinkie finger goes from being around your chin area all the way up towards your forehead.


Now that the curler is inverted, give your lashes a proper upside-down pinch for about 5 seconds. Really squeeze it as tightly as you can (without pulling of course).


Rotate your hand back to the starting position and carefully open the curler then slide it away from your lashes.


Then you add a coat of mascara and bat your lashes at all the cuties out there.


Source:  The Beauty Department


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