Skinny Tips: Why It Works


When picking the perfect color for our brand new illuminating Body oil, we knew it had to be three things:

1. Complimentary on all skin tones

2. The perfect blend of gold, pink, and bronze

3. To diffuse and reduce the appearance of uneven texture and tone



Slip into a radiant rose gold glow while restoring softness and vitality to the skin. A luxurious blend of sweet almond, apricot, jojoba and pure plant oils intended to lock moisture into the skin.


How We Use It


We love using it down our shins to give the look of elongated legs. We mix it with our mineral bronzer to give an airbrushed shimmering tan. We wear it every time we show our arms and legs because it contours and tones and diffuses our skin like a tinted moisturizer. Fair skin looks golden. Medium to dark complexions look rosy and bright. One pump is enough for two arms and I use one pump on each leg. Add your favorite essential oils to make it aromatic and aromatherapeutic. Try vanilla or something spicy like cinnamon or ylang ylang for a more flirty finish.


Limited Edition: Shop this post-shower, summer smoother here. #glowingglowinggone




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