#TeamSkinOwl: Meet Grayson

Hello everyone!

My name is Grayson. I’m a huge beauty lover with a passion for makeup and skincare as well as many other things such as street style, world traveling, boho braids, and DIY-ing, to name a few. For the past few years, I’ve been throwing all my beauty enthusiasm into my blog alagray.com and now I’m enjoying being an intern at SkinOwl!

I was lucky enough to discover SkinOwl this Spring, and after meeting Annie Tevelin, its founder, I knew that SkinOwl was something special. Regardless of my nervousness about working in a new environment with new people, from my very first day, I was embraced by the team and made to feel a part of the SkinOwl family. My favorite part of being an intern is that I get hands on experience in every aspect of the business, from product development to filling, and from packaging to send outs. This well-rounded experience has not only made me understand what it takes be run a small business, but also how important it is to be passionate about what you’re doing.

To be honest, I’d never thought very hard about natural skincare until starting at SkinOwl. I’d always gravitated to more natural formulas, but was non-committal. But after adopting a plant-based diet at the start of this year, I started becoming more aware of what was lurking within my beauty products. What once began with me avoiding animal based products, led to a skincare research wormhole which left me horrified with what I’d been putting on my skin, but also motivated to learn more about natural ingredients and formulas. Being a great educator, Annie has taught me so much about ingredients, formulation, and sourcing which has helped me gain a greater understanding of what it takes to create powerful natural skincare. I’ve even started doing a bit of beauty DIY-ing myself, which I plan on sharing here on SkinOwl blog.

Since starting my blog, A La Gray, I’ve fallen in love with writing. I’ve always been someone who loves helping others and giving advice, so by writing here for SkinOwl, my goal is to help share what I’ve learned through my years as a beauty blogger and through my experience at SkinOwl. It is my goal to help this blog grow into a thriving beauty community where we can all share our enthusiasm for beauty as well as a place where I, with the help of Annie, can answer questions about SkinOwl products, skin concerns, and anything else beauty!

Cheers to us!
I can’t wait to get started.




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