SkinOwl’s Top Beauty Hits in Paris

SkinOwl’s Top Beauty Hits in Paris |

After recently doing a bit of traveling in Europe, I’ve decided to put together a selection of SkinOwl’s top beauty hits in Paris. I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Paris during college, so with my return, I’ve become re-inspired to further explore everything this incredible city has to offer.

Le Bon Marché

If you’re interested in living the life of luxury during your stay to Paris, definitely don’t miss out on visiting Le Bon Marché. This glamorous department store puts our US versions to shame with their many floors of meticulously organized, beautifully decorated, and impeccably curated selections of fashion, home, and of course beauty! If you’re looking for luxury skincare and makeup, this is definitely the first place to start.

City Pharma

Each fashion week, makeup artists come from far and wide to gather in this fashion capital. Their top destination to hit before the chaos of fashion weeks begins is one of the city’s largest and most famous pharmacies: City Pharma. The French are famous for their luxurious skincare lines that litter the aisles of their drugstores at relatively affordable (as well as not-so-affordable) prices. What’s amazing about City Pharma, in particular, is that they carry every French skincare brand you can imagine and their prices are great. So do as the makeup artists do and discover some new skincare favorites.

Galeries de Lafayette

Another famous department store that any shopper would love, are the Galeries de Lafayette. This pair of enormous department stores (one for men and another for women) will truly impress. With a more diverse selection than Le Bon Marché, Les Galeries de Lafayette are worth a visit, especially if you’re a beauty lover. Their bottom floor is home to an extensive skincare and makeup collection, each brand having a spacious counter and display. If you’re a shopper who loves to play around and experiment with many different brands, then definitely pay this beauty lounge a visit.

Bully Parfumerie

Breaking away from the larger scale brands and moving towards more artisan creations, another must-see Parisian place of beauty is Bully. Located near Saint Germain, this luxurious perfumerie stocks its shelves full of incredible skin lovelies. From beautiful hand soaps and scented candles to pure facial oils that cater to your skin’s every need, this store is a dream for any skincare lover like myself. If you want a moment in the land of milk and honey, I recommend stepping inside this beauty oasis.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to start planning your next trip to Paris! I’m absolutely obsessed with this incredible city and I hope this top beauty hits in Paris post has motivated you to visit some places you otherwise might have missed.




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