Team SkinOwl: Meet Sadie

Hi Beauty Birds! My name is Sadie and I am the Director of Operations for SkinOwl. I’ve been fascinated with the skin care industry since I was a little girl when I would make homemade face masks in my kitchen.  I’ve always been drawn towards green products because I think it’s amazing how simple ingredients can have such a powerful impact on skin! I grew up on a farm in Cincinnati and then pursued my scientific curiosities by studying Biology at Occidental College. I am so thankful to have found SkinOwl a year ago and be a part of such an amazing team that feels more like a work family to me!

On an average day, I manage customer and wholesale orders as well as product development.  This includes but isn’t limited to writing “xo Sadie” on packages made with love, taking snapchats with Monkey, and being the butt of SkinOwl insta stories.

Before SkinOwl, I had no idea what selfcare was and I definitely wasn’t practicing it.  Incorporating selfcare into my daily routine, even just a few minutes a day has changed my outlook on life drastically.  My daily selfcare moments include morning meditations, working out and playing with plants. It can be hard to carve out time for yourself especially when you’re busy, but it’s so important to do the things that de-stress you and make you happy.  Work has become a form of selfcare to me because I really love what I do and because Annie has become not only my boss but a close and supportive friend.  Gone are the days of hating your boss and dreading going into work.  Time flies when you’re juggling the workload of 3 people while blasting 2000’s hits.

Some things I love: My wiener dog, traveling, plants, breakfast, colorful socks, Family Guy and Game of Thrones.

Some things I don’t love: loud chewing, bad manners, people in mascot costumes, bad quality ice cream.

I’d love to talk to you guys, feel free to reach out and ask me any regimen questions at or follow me on Instagram @lindners to follow my travels (next stop Cuba)!

Bayon Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia




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