Team SkinOwl: Meet Therese

Team SkinOwl: Meet Therese

Hello, Beauties! My name is Therese and I am the Brand Ambassador for our beloved SkinOwl. I’ve been working in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist/Brand-Rep since 2012. I started in New York City working on 5th Avenue in (one of) the most insane beauty counters – from there I relocated to Los Angeles (Thank Goodness) and life is radiant. I’m a West-Coast gal through and through, originally from Reno/Lake Tahoe Nevada. (Yep, total tree-huggin’ Burner right here).

I’m all about this face (in a totally healthy self-absorbed way); What do I mean?
I’m a Performer. Singer/Model/Actress – that would explain the NYC excursions, the move to LA and my love affair with Makeup & SkinCare. I was working for a clean beauty boutique here in LA when I was introduced to SkinOwl and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t love at first sight. I’m so grateful and so proud to represent a brand that is the beacon of integrity & innovation.

A typical day in the life of this Brand Ambassador? There is no typical day. HA. I like to think my title entails doing “all the things”, as is our favorite phrase. I travel to our different LA houses providing in-store support, team-training and customer care. I also assist in-house with product, sing when told & take competitive-water-drinking very.seriously.

When I lived in New York City there was no such thing as “self-care.” (Like… scyoooooze me, wtf is that?) I lived in a city that literally never stopped and we were all running in the same hamster-wheel-of-death for a dream that seemed so unattainable. It wasn’t until I came back to the best coast that I was introduced to the sunny-side of this life (see what I did there?).

I felt like I had wasted so much time being way too hard on myself and I truly didn’t take any time to care. It dawned on me that besides living in a crazy city, deep down my lack of self-care stemmed from not feeling worthy of it. DEEP I know but totally real. I have since turned over a new leaf and take the time to put myself and my mind first. I’m a huge believer in visualization: I meditate as often as I can and feel as many good feels as I can (sometimes until I cry all the happy tears).
I MUST sing. But really… Like you know how Tinker Bell needs applause to live?

I consider my rings my babies. I especially love rings with bomb ass crystals built in because I also LOVE crystals. I live this life in technicolor – my signature red nail color is named, “Call my Agent” (totally fitting, I know) and Prince is life.

Let me entertain you! @reesetea on all the networks.

***Y’all might even meet my alter ego, SPIL*** #shebackagain

Love, light & positivity,


Team SkinOwl: Meet Therese Team SkinOwl: Meet Therese


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