#TeamSkinOwl: People Who Podcast

Hello beauty birds!

Did you know that last week team SkinOwl recorded our first ever podcast! This project has been on our minds for some time now as we feel that here at SkinOwl HQ we have so much we want to talk about and share with you all.

First off, we’ll be sharing a podcast every week!

Our Off the Record Podcast series starts off with an introduction to #TeamSkinOwl, aka Annie, Sadie, and Therese. In this episode we share our life stories, how we make the most of our time at SkinOwl, and who we are as individuals.

Team SkinOwl's First Podcast! | skinowl.com

Sneak Peak of What’s to Come!

Our second podcast is an interview with Merrady Wickes, Head of content and digital education at Detox Market. We love her because she talks so candidly about life and always comes from a place of integrity and fearlessness. Above all, she is a dear friend.

In the future, we’re looking forward to talking more about the essence of loss and why this sticks with us so long. We want to discuss how loss, such as death, loss of a job, divorce, can effect us so strongly and how to cope and deal with it.

In the coming episodes, we will be taking on topics, such as loss, how to start a business, skincare regimens, shame, vulnerability, and love. Our first episode in our Off the Record series will air in January 2018 and we are officially counting down the days! Stay tuned as you’ll have access to all of our podcasts via our website.

We hope you’re as excited about this new project as we are! More details coming soon.