#TeamSkinOwl: Our 2017 Takeaways

#TeamSkinOwl: Our 2017 Takeaways | skinowl.com

2017 was powerful. Not only did SkinOwl see enormous change, growth, and opportunities, but so has the world. For better or for worse, 2017 has changed the game. Whether it has inspired you or frustrated you, whether you have experienced heartbreak or fallen in love, or whether you have seen new things and overcome new challenges, each and every one of us has grown a little.

In honor of this year of personal growth, each member of the SkinOwl team has shared their 2017 takeaways. Hopefully, these ladies’ takeaways inspire you as much as they each inspire me every day.

Grayson | Blog Manager

“2017 was definitely a year of change for me. Although it has been a year of heartbreak and loss, it has also been a year of growth and empowerment. I learned that it’s important to put yourself first every once in a while in order to chase your dreams. I’ve learned that surrounding yourself with motivated, strong, independent individuals will help drive you forward and strengthen your confidence in your ability to succeed. Most importantly, I’ve learned to put myself out there because sometimes there is risk involved in forming new relationships, but usually it’s worth it.”

Sadie | Director of Operations

“2017 was definitely a year of self-growth for me.  One of the biggest things I learned was how to stand up for myself.  I was able to have difficult conversations with friends, be straightforward on work calls and demand respect from men I’m dating. I love being non-confrontational but once you start standing up for yourself it gets easier and you get more of what you want out of life. 10/10 would recommend.”

Therese | Brand Ambassador

“2017 was all about kindness & perseverance for me. This year more than ever, I was highly sensitive to people who were unkind – so much so, that I took it upon myself to crank up the kindness wherever I went. I was reminded how short and precious our time is here on earth and what a gift our pulse is. There is no reason to be unkind to others, for they are you. Their success is your success, their failure is your failure, their heartache is your heart etc… I guess this makes me an empath; an empath with incredibly daunting dreams that knows deep down in the depths that a physical manifestation is just around the river bend.
Stay kind. Stay humble. Fear not. Keep going & trust the timing of everything.”
Rachel | Publicist

“My takeaway from 2017 is to live in the moment and cherish this crazy, fun, inspiring and wild world we live in.”

Simona | Intern 

“2017 was an eventful year for women. We witnessed a worldwide Women’s March that gave voice to so many who didn’t feel as though they could voice their opinion before. We were also faced with challenges regarding women’s reproductive rights and now continue to battle our oppressors. 2017 has taught me how valuable a female voice is and how much we are able to do with it. I look forward to witnessing the giant strides that will continue to be made for women all over the world.”

As you can see, we have quite a team full of strong, inspiring, independent women here at SkinOwl. We all hope our 2017 takeaways help inspire you to chase your dreams, be the best version of yourself, and to cherish every moment of this new and exciting year to come.

Cheers to 2018!








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