Things We Love: 40 Days of Dating

As women, in matters of love, we very often ponder the idea of “The One.” Is he? Isn’t he? Will he be? How will I know? We recently came across an unbelievable tribute to the art of finding Mr. Right, aka 40 Days of Dating. Meet Jessie and Tim, two single Manhattanites with very different dating pasts, a present day best friend-ship, and a daunting dating future. Equipped with brutal honesty and open minds, Jessie and Tim agree to explore dating each other (of course, there are rules) to see if “your best friend can ultimately be The One.” Needless to say, with only a few days left of their 40-day journey, we are more than intrigued and holding onto the edge of our laptops.


40 days of dating


All the skincare in the world couldn’t take the place of the glow that comes with feeling love or being in love. If any of you are currently contemplating where you stand in your current relationship, check out this goodie we stumbled upon somewhere around Day 15 of 40! :) Before reading their online diary, watch this video to see a sneak preview of the curious lovebirds in action!


Enjoy :)


Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.24.34 PM


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