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The Cypress tree symbolizes life–making it the perfect SkinOwl candle for reflection, meditation, while expressing gratitude for the little moments in life. At SkinOwl, we like to light our Cypress Candles for daily moments of zen, since our work day can have us multi-tasking like crazy. It’s easy to let the minutes turn into hours, so taking a minute to strike a match always reignites our productivity. When I get home from work, I like to light it and the earthy smell grounds me and helps me take a moment to unwind.  I keep it burning as I do my evening meditation because I find it calms me, so I can calm my mind.  The Cypress Candle is a delicately scented candle, with high notes of our favorite tree, the California Cypress, alongside herbal, toasty bottom notes– a favorite for both men and women.




This is the perfect holiday candle because it is the time of year when you can actively stop and appreciate all of your family and friends. We travel to make the most of our limited time with loved ones. It’s a day in a busy year that calls for dialing down and looking inward. This is the perfect addition to holiday gatherings–to inspire the holiday spirit and gratitude in everyone. Incorporate our limited edition Cypress candle into your home, when you spend $100+ at  What is your favorite time to light our Cypress Candle and to take a moment of gratitude?

Happy Holidays to everyone in our nest.

xoxo Sadie


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  1. Wednesday, August 30, 2017 / 2:30 am

    A candle is able to recall so many dimensions of life that it becomes as necessary and comforting as the blanket you slept with as a child.

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