Things We Love: Holiday Gifts for Men

Holiday season is upon us, so it’s time to start planning what you’re going to get everyone!  SkinOwl brainstormed some killer gifts for all the men in your life–and right before Black Friday too (you’re welcome).  These gift can be applicable for any guy you’re shopping for: dad, brother, boyfriend, friend.


SkinOwl Products for Men

Just because a lot of men act like they don’t care about their skin, doesn’t mean they actually don’t care.  These are all great SkinOwl products that men can use too!


Geranium Beauty Drops

Geranium Beauty Drops are great for combination skin but they are also great as a post-shave beard oil to help with ingrown hairs and as a fresh scented dose of moisture.



Mangosteen PM Beauty Drops

You use Mangosteen PM Beauty Drops so you can wakeup with gorgeous glowing skin.  What guy doesn’t want that too? It’s an awesome night oil to recharge your guy for the day ahead and an extra boost of hydration for the cold winter months.



He may not need the makeup priming effect of our Eye+ but men wakeup with sleepy eyes just as much as women do, so why not give him a unisex cucumber scented eye cream?


Charcoal Beauty Bar 

The Charcoal Beauty Bar is perfect for men because it draws out impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils, so it’s the perfect no-nonsense face cleanser for any guy to start incorporating into his routine.






Shaving Kit

A high quality shaving kit is a great way to give someone a nice gift that you know they’ll actually use.  We love this kit.


Espresso Machine

If he’s a caffeine lover then this is the perfect gift for him! If he doesn’t already know how to use one of these, then trust me he’ll love learning.  Warning: if he’s anything like my Dad, then he will be sure to offer you a cappuccino multiple times a day so I hope you like coffee too.  I love this one.


Nice Whiskey or Tequila

This is the perfect gift for all the guys you know that like to sip on fancy whiskey or tequila. For tequila, I love Don Julio 1942, found here.  My favorite whiskey is High West Campfire Whiskey.  You can also get them whiskey stones to keep their drinks cold without dilution.



Is he still wearing the same watch he’s been wearing for the last 10 years? Maybe it’s time for a fresh one.  MVMT Watches have a great selection of cool mens watches, I like this one.


Workout Clothes

Guys always need new workout or lounge clothes.  Get him a cool pair of joggers or some basic nice t-shirts but make sure to get a return receipt in case you get the wrong size or color.  I think I’ve gotten my brother this shirt at least 3 different times and he’s always happy.





You may think this is the worst gift you could give someone but I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.  Everyone always needs sock.  You can get wool socks if they live somewhere cold or get them fun ones.  Stance has socks for every occasion and they’re really nice quality.  They even have StarWars socks for anyone who loves the force and cool women’s socks too!



Any kind of new technology is usually appreciated by men.  My favorite new tech toy? Wireless workout headphones.  They make it so easy to run on the treadmill or for lifting weights because you can set your phone down and not worry about anything getting tangled.  Almost every guy at the gym has them, so if he doesn’t already have them I bet he wants them.  I LOVE these.  Great for any workout fanatic in your life, male or female.


Hobby Related Gifts

What’s their favorite hobby or obsession? Get them something related to that.  My dad loves mountain biking so I usually get him things like tire air canisters or new gear he needs.  You can get a case of specialty craft beers, tickets to see their favorite sports team or checkout this gift guide from REI for all the outdoorsy types.


Bar Set

This is a great 11-piece bar set for mixing fancy cocktails and looks cool to have on display.  It has everything you need to get started including a glass with drink recipes on it.  Found here.



What’s going to be your go-to gift this holiday season? Comment below and let us know!



xoxo Sadie



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