Things We Love: Our (New) Neck+



We’re big on paying attention to the things that don’t always get the adoration they deserve. Especially, when it comes to you (our favorite people ever) and of course, your skin. When we thought about all of the areas that so often get moisturized, exfoliated, and peeled, we couldn’t help but think about how little love we give to the oh-so-often-forgotten neck, chest, and décolleté. And we get it. With so little time available for pampering, it’s always easier to care for your face, your hair, even your feet. SO, we decided to go a few steps further than “bring your face cream down to your neck” and give your not-to-be-forgotten nape a product all to itself.


Allow us to introduce our latest skin-changing innovation, Neck+ Concentrate. Formulated to prevent sagging and signs of aging, this potent treatment is brimming with smoothing, strengthening and firming extracts intended to lessen lines and combat crêpey-ness so that your neck and décolleté appear years younger. This non-toxic, ocean mineral based gel-balm is one of the first to specifically target your delicate skin, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.




Chock full of anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as Turmeric, Spirulina, Irish Moss, Yarrow, Jojoba Oil, Witch Hazel and a proprietary Ocean Mineral complex, this concentrate is good enough for your neck, chest, and under any of our AM or PM Beauty Drops. So what’s in it for you? TONS. Check it out…


*Instant smoothing upon first application.

*No sticky or tacky residue (double yay)

*Unscented so not to linger on you or your clothes.

*Side sleeper? Cleavage lines? Watch crepey lines visibly reduce in as little as one week when used daily.

*Too much time spent in the sun? Dark spots visibly reduce within 2 weeks.

*Skin’s appearance looks toned, lifted, and contoured.


In a nutshell, we love this gem. Our Spaghetti straps are in full swing and we’re not looking back. For a limited time, grab your very own bottle on Cult Beauty exclusively (and get free shipping internationally – triple yay). Give it a try and leave your comments in the feed. A simple NECK YEAH will suffice. :)


Happy shopping Beauty Birds!



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