Trick-or-Treat Yourself: Our Best Halloween Selfcare Tips

Trick-or-Treat Yourself: Our Best Halloween Selfcare Tips | SkinOwl: The Nest

Calling all mothers! We all know how insainly hectic life can be around the holiday elfcareeasons, especially halloween. If you’ve participated in the whole trick-or-teating gig for a fews years now, this might be the perfect year to pass off the duties to dad (or grandparents or even to those nextdoor neighbors) and give yourself a few hours of selfcare before the sugar rushes and full blown meltdowns commence! And to all those child-free ladies out there (myself included) please join in because sometimes there’s nothing better than a little pampering.

How to Maximize Two Hours of Trick-or-Treating

The door closes and you’ve got approximately two hours to get as much relaxation time in as possible before chaos sets in. You don’t believe me? Cue Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy Videos. Here are our 90 min trick-or-treat hacks to maximize your selfcare and give back to yourself while the kids are out with dad.

Prep items

Beauty Steam
Beauty Whip Maqui Berry Face Mask
Your Favorite Bubble Bath or Bath Oil
Favorite Beverage: Tea (we choose Matcha here at SkinOwl, obviously) or a Glass of Wine

First, throw that bucket of trick-or-treat candy on the front step with one of those little signs that say “just take one please”. You know kids are gonna grab handfuls, so for those 90 minutes, let em!

Now, put on the water for your Beauty Steam. While the water is heating on the stove, run your bath. Once your water has come to a boil, turn off the heat and add your steam. Allow the steam to steap for a minute or two and then drape a towel over your head and the bowl allowing the rising steam to carry the regenerative herbal properties to your skin and steam away all your stress and worries.

After steaming for 5 min, slather our Beauty Whip face mask on your face, add your favorite bath product to the tub, and light your candle. Grab that glass of wine (or tea) and winddown in the bath, listening to our favorite relaxing spotify playlist, reading a good book, or watching an episode of your favorite TV drama.

Once your bath is finished, throw on your favorite comfy clothes, pull out your yoga mat and take fifteen minutes or so to meditate. Our favorite apps for timed and guided meditations are headspace or insight timer. If your not a guided meditation kind of gal, then try out this relaxing meditation spotify playlist.

Ninety minutes later, you’ll be floating, glowing and ready to hug your kiddies as they walk through the door.

Looking for more pampering tips and tricks, check out our DIY Face Mask blog post coming on Halloween!

Here’s our last little treat for all those selfcare-ers out there! If you spend $75 on for your trick-or-treat yourself experience, you’ll get one of our Cypress Candles for FREE! Just use the code SWEETTREAT.

Happy Selfcaring!


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