Wise Words: Bad Day

There are bad days, and then there are BAD days! We’ve all had those days that make us feel like throwing in the towel! But when you think about it, what is one day in the course of a whole life?! Even one day out of a whole week! We love to look at statistics because they are based on facts… For example, if you have one really bad day this week but six good days, or even just regular days, that means that you have had WAY more good than bad in your week!  So why let the one bad day interfere with the six other days… or better yet, why not let the six good days outweigh the one bad day?  After all, statistically speaking, that makes a lot of sense! We know that when something bad happens, it can seem like it outweighs the good, but when you look at the facts, it actually doesn’t. Join us in keeping our eye on the BIG picture vs. the BAD day.


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