Wise Words: Be Kinder

be kinder


So we can’t all be  great actors like Meryl Streep … BUT we can all do a little pretending every once in a while.  Sometimes pretending to feel a certain way can lead to actually feeling that way!  Have you ever noticed that being around happy people makes you feel happier?  You want to fit in so you smile a bit, laugh a bit, and, POOF, next thing you know you are actually happier than when you started.  And it can work the opposite way too, if you are around negative people you can start to feel more negative as a result.  So be the leader!  Act kind and happy, even if you aren’t feeling it 100%.  You might be surprised by the results.  You might actually bring yourself, and others, UP to a better place!


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  1. Tuesday, October 15, 2013 / 7:33 am

    This is a great quote, and it’s so true that even if we’re not feeling great, pretending we do can really make it happen! Niceness (is that a word?) is contagious!

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