Wise Words: Chasing

chase the right things

Have you ever watched a dog chase its tail?  You just know that he’ll never catch it, but somehow he hasn’t quite figured that out yet!  Similarly, have you ever watched a friend chase after something that isn’t meant to be caught? Somehow it’s hard to figure out that it’s not the right thing just yet.  We all can look back on a situation and wonder why we spent so much time chasing after that thing that was just so clearly not right for us!  Bottom line: It’s so easy to keep spinning our top, without noticing, for just a little too long.  Our goal? To relax, stay in the moment, and trust our instincts more!  You always know when something isn’t right, it’s just a matter of listening to yourself a little sooner!  The whispers turn into screams, so much so that we can’t ignore it! And then, poof, the right thing seems to magically appear!


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