Wise Words: Ignore Negativity

exercise eat ignore you


If you don’t value yourself than no one else will!  We often do things, such as exercise or watch our calories because the outside world tells us that “skinny is beautiful.” We work nonstop and feel guilty about taking vacations, why? Because we are trained to think that relaxation is a luxury, not something we innately deserve. But doing things because the outside world wants you to is never the way to a happy and healthy existence!  Everything you do should be done because you want to do it.  Eat great food and move your body because it feels great to take care of yourself!  Forget about what other people want you to do, how they want you to spend your time, or what they want you to look like and instead….start thinking about what you want for yourself! When you put yourself first, you make room for all the beautiful moments YOU were meant to have.



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