Wise Words: You Will Thank Yourself

you will thank yourself

Too often we do things that we think we “have to.” But who makes up these rules?! You are in charge of you! Only you can know what is right for you. When you live a life to please others or out of fear of what others will think, you are doing EVERYONE a disservice. Think about it… no one benefits when there is someone who is being inauthentic or dishonest.  Especially if that someone is you! Think back to the last time you did something out of a sense of obligation. Were you happy, or did you maybe feel a little cranky about it?  And did those cranky feelings maybe lead to a bad mood, which then might have spread to others?  No one wants that, least of all you! Be honest with yourself, ask yourself what you really want, and then go do that! The happiness that you feel will be contagious and that is when everyone wins.


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